Water Level Monitoring/control System:

Water Level Monitoring/control SystemWater Level Monitoring and Control System to maintain the water in the Overhead of sump tank always. PRIMO-WLMS is fully automatic system with overflow cutoff, Low level Motor ON, Dry run cutoff with alert alarm for Motor safety. It controls and monitor both Overhead tank and Sump tank, so the overhead tank never overflow also the sump tank will never dry.

School/Industrial Bell Timer:

School/Industrial Bell TimerPRIMO-BT is the system to control the bell in industry, School and colleges where as the timing bell activity is required. User can program 25timings per day. Long & Short bell option selectable and Week off day can be programmed. Non volatile memory avoids the data loss due to power cuts. Real time based system gives accuracy. User friendly 2*16 LCD display with numeric key pad gives the convenience of programming.

GSM based Agri motor control:

GSM based Agri motor control Your Agri Motor can be controller with GSM based Agri Motor Controller. By this system we can know the current status of the motor and power availability. System will give the voice acknowledgement for every activity. Motor can be Switched ON and OFF, just by phone call to the GSM number that is provided with system.

Power Device Control System:

Power Device Control SystemPower Device Controller is the device to operate or control the group of devices or particular equipment in preprogrammed time. It can be used to control the device for particular time period also. It is very useful for timing intervel usage of the power device also. Real time based system with various ON time and OFF time programming options. Week off day can be programmed. Non volatile memory avoids the programmed data loss due to power cuts.

SOS Panic Alarm System:

SOS Panic Alarm SystemSOS panic alarm control system that works with RF Technology. It alerts your neighbours when you are in trouble. It works efficiently with in the house radius of 30mtrs. Pendant like remote can be wear in the neck. The remote will glow in the dark to find it easily for any emergency. Alarm & Auto dialer interfacing can be done for phone call alert.

weighbridge SMS management system:

weighbridge SMS management systemWeighbridge management is now easy to the users. SMS utility system gives the convenience of taking full control of Weighbridge. When any vehicle stands on the weighbridge and the operater generate the ticket for the load the SMS will be sent automatically to the User and the Customer(optional). Its fully automatic SMS system, sothat the operator has no control on SMS utility. SMS consist of all details asper user requirement (160 characters).

Temperature based Automation system:

Temperature based Automation systemAutomation according to atmospheric temperature is needed for some Industry, Hotels, Halls and Home also. This system will be the good choice for these kind of automation. When the temperature raises or falls than set level the automation can be done. Low and High level of temperature can be set by the user through its userfriendly keypad. It has 2*16 LCD display to show the current and set temperature values.

Video door phone:

Video door phoneVideo door phone is the essential one for our modern life. When the door bell button pressed by the visitor the monitor inside the home will switched ON with pleasant ring tone tha can be selected by the user. Then the user can see the visitor and talk to them without opening the main door, in this way it gives the personnal safety for your family person. If the user feels safe he/she can open the door, otherwise user can send back the visitor. It gives the convenience of conversation between the visitor and the user. In Multiapartment system we can use one outdoor Unit in security room for 500flats, and every flat will have Indoor Unit with intercom facility.

Auto Dialer:

Auto DialerAuto dialer system can be used with all type of safety and security alarm systems. User can store 10 different telephone numbers and record his/her own voice message also. Non volatile memore option avoids data loss due to power cut. It always detects the telephone line also.

GSM based Autodialer is also available with 10 different numbers and voice message storage facility. When the Main system starts the alarm, the autodialer will start dialing the stored telephone numbers and play the recorded voice message also. In this way system alerts the user and others.

CCTV Surveillance system:

CCTV Surveillance systemCCTV surveillance is the essential one for our premises. It gives the gives the convenience of monitoring your premises from any where in the world. By using efficient D/N cameras we can monitor our premises even in full dark also. Using high data transfer DVRs we can view the hassle free picture through Mobile as well as PC. So, you will be always in touch with your business or Home. Its been proven that the human attitude changes when he/she is under surveillance.

Finger print/face detection access control:

Finger print/face detection access controlAccess control systems based on Finger print/RFID/Password, Face detection based are the best way to protect the intruder or unauthorized persons entry to the safe zone. Once we activate this system, only the authorized persons can enter into the restricted areas. Its very useful for unmanned Gates and entry doors. Only after detection the door or gate will opened manually or automatically.

Finger print/face detection attendance system:

Finger print/face detection attendance systemFully automatic Biometric, Face reading attendace system is essential for all type of industry, shops, schools, etc., It avoids the piracy attendance of previous methods like manual, RFID, Password. It generates the daily/weekly/monthly reports for various applications like salary calculation, shift calculation, late entry/absent, ESI & PF calculations. We provide custom made payroll software also.

GSM/DOT line based Home automation System:

GSM/DOT line based Home automation SystemHome Automation System using GSM is gives the convenience of operating or controlling the electrical appliances in your home through GSM from anywhere in the world. Just by phone call user can know the current status of the appliance ON/OFF, as voice acknowledge from the system. User can switch ON/OFF the appliances or equipments also.

DOT based Landline connected Home Automation system is available with password protection. User can control the devices, by entering correct password and gets the acknowledgement tone reply also.

Hotel room power management system:

Hotel Room Power management SystemHotel Room Power management System is specially designed for Hotels, Lodges and Mansions. Using this system the Power wastage of rooms will be avoided. Staffs cannot use the room power for entertainment or unregistered customers. Only by proper bookings throgh the PC application the room power will be ON. Also when the guest/customers check out the rooms, the Power will be OFF immediately. Admin user can get the everyday report through E-mail. For House keeping purpose the room power will be ON for preset time period(15minutes), this will also stored in report. Apart from power control the user can know the status of Hotel rooms, guest rent calculation. Manual override option is available for any emergency condition. This manaual override will also stored in report. This is fool proof yet powerful way to manage your hotel rooms.

RF based Home Automation system:

Home Automation System using RF technologyHome Automation System using RF technology gives the convenience of controlling any electrical equipments in our Home. Equipments can be individual or group of devices. RF technology gives the adavantage of controlling from anywhere in home. Upto 8divices can be controlled and it can be upgrad to 16 devices. Specially made unique remote for every system.

Device status seeing model is also available with LCD display. Device status will be scrolling in the display of the Remote. Up to 16devices can be controlled and it can be extended upto 32 devices. It works efficiently upto 30mtrs. radius.

RFID based Fully automated weighbridge management system:

Weighbridge Management sysemWeighbridge Management sysem based on RFID tags is fully automatic weighbridge ticket entry system. In this system no need of operator also. Its fool proof yet powerful way to maintain your weighbridge with proper goods handling datas. Specially designed PC application software can give you the total activity report and send SMS to the USER as well as customer.

lighting automation system:

lighting automation Technology gives more happiness in our home with mood setting automated lighting solutions. Lights can be automated based on movement in particular area (or) based on preprogrammed timings. Mood setting can also be done with the above features. Comman area lights like passage, steps, garden and parking area lights of the apartment, commercial buildings can be automated as per customers requirements. Street lights of the campus or streets can be automated based on atmospheric light level.

GSM/DOT line based Home automation system:

GSM/DOT line based Home automation systemGSM/DOT line based Home Automation System using GSM is gives the convenience of operating or controlling the electrical appliances in your home through GSM from anywhere in the world. Just by phone call user can know the current status of the appliance ON/OFF, as voice acknowledge from the system. User can switch ON/OFF the appliances or equipments also.
DOT based Landline connected Home Automation system is available with password protection. User can control the devices, by entering correct password and gets the acknowledgement tone reply also.

Security Guard Tour Monitoring system:

Security Guard Tour Monitoring systemSecurity Guard Tour Monitoring System is the fool proof way to monitor the activities of security guard at your premises. RF based, Fully wireless based system gives the convenience of Powerless, weather proof and tamper proof. With the help of specially designed PC application software the Manager can read out the activities.

Intrusion Alarm Control System:

Intrusion Alarm Control SystemsIntrusion Alarm Control Systems are to protect our valuables from the intruders, burglars or thieves. Primo has two different type of Intrusion Alarm Control Systems. Safeguard & DIGI Guard. Both are special and different in its performance and design. Safeguard is the system with electronic key to enable and disable the system. DIGI Guard is fully password protected by which we can enable and disable the system with its numeric key pad. Both systems can control two different areas like general usage area and rare usage area in our premises. Both has inbuilt battery that can efficiently gives the back up for 10days without AC power supply. Both systems will support for all type of sensors like smoke, LPG, Door, Glass break, Vibration, Motion and beam detectors.

Based Device management system :

Based Device management systemBased Device management system is embedded system. PC based application gives the complete control of the devices to the operator. Operator can control the individual or group of devices from the control room itself. It generates the ON/OFF report also to monitor the operator's activity. For any emergency the operator can terminate the total systems of the building from the control room itself. Devices like exhaust fan control, blower control, pressure control, AC control, etc., can be done thorugh this system.


Diesel Generator tank monitoring system :

Diesel Generator tank monitoring systemDiesel Generator tank monitoring system is very useful deive for commercial generators. It always monitors the tank level and send sms to the management authorities. Whenever the fuel supplier fills the fuel in the generator it immediately send auto sms to the authority with the clear details like Present Fuel Level, Filled Fuel in litters, Total generator running time, Total fuel filled till date, etc., Also whenever the authorized person needs the present status of the generator, just by sending one SMS to the system, he/she can get the reply SMS from the system with complete details of Generator.


Vehicle Parking Management System :

Vehicle parking management systemsVehicle parking management systems makes the parking of vehicle lot more easier than ever before. Total number of parking space will be stored in the system. System will display the total space and available space. When the parking area is filled, the display will show as FULL. In residential apartments finger print enabled parking system will avoid the parking of unauthorized vehicles.




Industrial Emergency light :

Industrial Emergency lightIndustrial Emergency light is useful for all types of Industries and commercial buildings and apartments. 55W+55W Halogen lamps gives the maximum 110Watts brightness for power cut timings as well as fire timings. Day/Night sensor makes the light to glow only on dark. During day time it won't glow. User select switch for Day/Night mode. Yellow based halogen light penetrates the mist and smoke in the floor/area.




Fire Alarm control system :

Industrial Emergency lightMicroprocessor based Fire Alarm control panel is useful for Industrial and commercial buildings and apartments. It gives complete fire protection. Using our Firecare Fire Alarm control panel with Manual Call Points and Smoke/Heat detectors, Fire can be located much faster to putoff and to avoid more loss. Connected Hooters can be activated Zone wise as well as Common Hooter. When the sensor senses the smoke/heat it sends the signal to the control panel and activates the hooters also. Our Fire Alarm control panel is approved by EDTC and Ministry of Information technology.




Fire Extinguishers :

Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers are plays major roll in fire protection. We supply all type of fire extinguishers for various applications. We have all type of fire extinguishers to putoff all type or fire like A,B,C,D & E class fire. All our fire extinguishers are ISI standard products.




Fire Hydrant :

Fire HydrantFire Hydrant is the best fire fighting equipment to be fitted in Multifloor buildings. We do fully automated fire hydrant system with auto start pump control panel. We do hosereel based fire protection system also for Godowns and other type of buildings for safety needs. We have highly qualified technical and welder team for complete errection of fire hydrant system.



Solar Power Packs :

Solar PowerPRIMO TECHNOLOGIES offers wide range of Off grid / On grid / Grid tied Power Packs from small to large capacity to suit to demands of various customers including Roof Top Power pack solutions.
OFF Grid refers to a power system that generates electricity from solar array and stores this electricity in batteries. The stored energy is fed to utility using inverters.

ON grid / Gridtied refers to a power systems which is connected to power grid. The electricity generated by solar array is fed to utilities using grid tied inverters. If the electricity generated by solar array is more than requirement of utility then it will be fed to grid. If the demand of utility is more than electricity generated by solar array, the balance requirement of power will be drawn from grid.

Grid Tie with battery backup refers to a power system that has advantages of both off grid and grid tied system. When grid power is available it serves as a normal grid tied system and charges the battery also. In the event of grid power failure the utilities are fed power from battery. Once the grid power is restored, it behaves as normal grid tied system and will charge batteries again.



Solar lamp post :

Solar PowerCENTRALISED STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM Itís a unique approach of Solar Street Lighting systems for industries, societies, party plots, schools, parking lots etc.
It constitutes of Off Grid Power Pack with option of charging from Main grid power in cloudy or poor sunlight days. Suitable Solar PV Module Array is installed on Roof Top or one location and suitable inverters, Charge Controllers and Batteries are installed in a control room.

Solar energy is converted into electrical energy using solar PV Module. This energy is stored in batteries using solar charge controller. The stored energy is then converted into 230V A.C. using highly efficient inverters and supplied to street lights just as in conventional grid based system. We recommend to use AC LED based street light to reduce cost and increase life span also.

The solution depends upon your requirement of number of street lights and the lumens required per street light.

Solar Street Lights:

Solar Street light SSL is a standalone system which consists of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) or LED Lamp as light source, rechargeable SMF/Tubular battery for storage, Solar Photovoltaic


  • More than three nights of autonomy (12 hours / night)

  • Automatic dusk to dawn controller for auto operation

  • Highly efficient charge controller and inverter

  • Weather proof efficient luminaries

  • Overcharge / Undercharge and all other necessary protections

  • Weather resistant Mechanical Structure

  • Long life full power Solar P.V. Module


  • Low maintenance cost

  • No underground wiring is required

  • Detailed specification of components of power plant

  • Green Energy for better tomorrow

  • Easy to install.



Semi PCU Hybrid Solar Charge Controllers:

Hybrid Solar Charge ControllersPRIMO TECHNOLOGIES offers Charge controllers also to convert ordinary existing UPS into Hybrid Solar UPS.
The word semi PCU stands for its appropriate function of the charge controller, that which differ from the other charge controllers, that are present in the market. The charge controller charges the battery from Solar power and Main grid, once the Battery is fully charged to its level, the solar power will be diverted to the load. Thus the charge controller works as Hybrid system.



Hybrid solar UPS:

Hybrid solar UPSPRIMO TECHNOLOGIES offers wide range of Solar Off Grid Hybrid UPS with Inbuilt Charge Controllers (SOHUC) from 100 w to 100 kW to suit to various customer demands. These SOHUC can be used with suitable batteries & solar PV modules to make a solar off grid power pack with option of charging batteries from main grid power also.
Apart from SOHUC models shown below, we can also offer you model as per requirement.Module for charging battery, suitable electronics for operation of lamps and safe charging and discharging of batteries and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems.