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Phone No: 04323-224133

Mobile No's: 94434 95205, 98946 95205, 98947 95205


Safety & Security Systems:

1. Fire Alarm Control Systems

2.Intrusion Alarm Control Systems

3.CCTV Surveillance Systems

4.Finger Print/Face Detection Access Control Systems

5.SOS Panic Alarm Systems

6.Auto Dialer Systems

7.Video Door Phone(Villa/Multi Apartments)

8.Industrial Emergency Lights

9.Fire Hydrant Systems (Fully Automated)

10.Fire Extinguishers(New/Refilling)


Automation Systems:

1. Industrial Automations Systems(RF Remote Based)

2.RF based Home Automation Systems(with Device Status)

3.GSM Based Home Automation Systems

4.Power Device Control Systems

5.Water Level Monitoring/Control System

6.GSM based Agriculture motor control systems

7.Lighting Automation(Building/Street light) with mood lighting options.

8.RFID based Fully Automated Weighbridge Systems

9.School/Industrial Bell timer

10.Temperature Based Automation systems


Management Systems:

1.Security Guard Tour Monitoring Systems

2.Building Power management Systems

3.Hotel Room Power Management Systems

4.Finger Print/Face detection based Attendance Systems

5.Weighbridge SMS management Systems

6.Jewellery Barcode Management systems

7.Diesel Generator/Tank SMS management Systems

8.RFID weighbridge management systems

9.Vehicle Parking Management Systems

10.PC Based Device Management Systems


Renewable Energey Products:

1. Solar PV Modules

2. Solar Power Plants

3.Solar UPS with PCU

4.Solar Charge Controllers with PCU

5. Solar Lamp Post/Street Lights

6.Solar Water Heaters

7.Solar Lighting Luminaries with charge controllers & Dusk to Dawn

8.Solar Lanterns, Solar Fan Caps, solar Torch.

9.Solar Garden Lights,

10.Solar Enabled compound Fencing System.

11.Solar Water Pumps(AC/DC)

12.Pellets based commercial owens

13.Solar AC/ Fridge/Freezer

14.Solar enables Agriculture sprayer.

15.Wind power generator.